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Joint Mobilisation

Foot Joint Mobilisation

Joint mobilisation is a manual therapy technique whereby a trained practitioner can safely move a skeletal joint (typically a synovial joint) throughout its range of motion using small gentle passive movements. This is done to help restore range of movement to stiff joints and to provide a therapeutic pain relieving effect.

There are varying levels of mobilisations and if the joint is particularly stiff or painful then only mild, small movements are undertaken. As the joint range of motion improves/ patient’s tolerance improves then the joints can be taken through a greater degree of motion.

Mobilisations are different to joint manipulations in the fact that manipulations involve sudden thrusting movements and the joint will ‘pop’ once the pressure is released. Mobilisations are generally safer than manipulating joints as mobilisations can be stopped at any point and the soft tissue is less likely to spasm and potentially tear.

It is useful for a wide variety of musculo-skeletal conditions such as general foot pain, post injury, rheumatoid arthritis and lots else.

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