Meet Our New Podiatrist: Dr Assia Abibsi

We are excited to announce our new Podiatrist, Dr Assia Abibsi, who is starting with us in January 2020!

Assia is joining us from Canada. She was born in England, grew up in North Africa and had her podiatry training in Canada and New York City. Her rich cultural background and worldview allows her to connect all people of any age and cultural background very easily. Assia speaks four languages fluently (English, French, Berber and Arabic), and is also learning Spanish!

Assia has 8 years of clinical experience in both private and hospital settings. She also has 7 years of experience as a member of the Council of the Quebec Order, an organisation that administers podiatry in Quebec. She worked in 3 different legislations and understands that podiatrists all over the world are highly trained health professionals that should be the first point of call for anyone with foot or lower limb pathology. She has been a mentor to numerous university students and loves to be involved with podiatry education as well as practice.

She practises in all areas of podiatry, with special interests in office-based surgical procedures, biomechanics, medical imaging (x-rays and ultrasound) and diabetes management.

She will be there to help through your healing journey and getting back to optimal function. Assia is a firm believer in multidisciplinary team care, and regularly involves and consults with other health professionals such as your GP, exercise, physiologist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or nutritionist. She has an infectious enthusiasm for all things podiatry-related and loves the challenge of helping people to get back on their feet and active again.

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