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Morton's Neuroma Case History

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Morton's Neuroma Case History



The case histories and outcomes presented here are for general information only and do not replace the advice of a health professional. You should always consult a health professional who can take your own particular circumstances into account and advise you on that basis.


A 67-year-old gentleman presented with 40-year history of pain in the ball of his left foot. He was experiencing burning pain, tingling sensation and swelling. His foot was painful with every step and he couldn’t bear the weight of bed sheets on his foot. The pain was impacting his quality of life through  restricting his mobility and he was concerned about his ability to keep working. He had previously sought treatment, including two cortisone injections, which provided only temporary relief.

Morton's Neuroma Case History


On assessment, the area of pain was the left forefoot between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals. This area is known as the 3rd interspace, and is a common site of nerve entrapment. We referred him for an ultrasound investigation, which confirmed the presence of a moderately large neuroma/bursal complex.


Left 3rd interspace neurofibrosis (commonly known as a Mortons Neuroma)


The conservative and surgical treatment options were outlined. Given the long history of pain and failed conservative treatment, he decided to proceed with surgery. This operation was a day procedure, of approximately one-hour duration. During the surgery, the neuroma is removed from the interspace. Post-operatively a post-op shoe was worn for about 4 weeks, with regular visits to the office for redress and care instructions.


He is now 8 months post-op and reports that the surgery has “changed my life immensely”. He is now pain free and can carry out normal daily activities without any discomfort.

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