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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Our feet change shape over the course of our lifetime and experience stress and load from walking on hard, unyielding surfaces. Changes in the way the foot and leg functions can lead to increased stress and andstrain on joints, muscles, tendons and other tissue.

Orthotics are therapeutic devices that are placed in your shoes which are designed to help correct foot posture and improve foot function. They alter ground reaction forces and offload painful, overused soft tissues and joints.


Some conditions that can be helped long term with orthotic therapy include:

  • Tendinitis / tendinopathy

  • Recurrent ankle sprains

  • Arthritic joint pain

  • Bunion pain

  • Hip and knee complaints

  • Recurrent stress fractures

  • Offloading ulcerated areas

Custom foot orthotics involve taking a 3D image scan of your foot and these devices are made specifically for your foot taking into account your mechanics, your footwear and the problem you present with. They are typically made from polypropylene and if you take care of the devices, they can last you a long time. There are other types of materials used as well depending on your activities, footwear and what function we want the orthotic to have.


At the Perth Foot and Ankle Clinic we have the Body Tech Scanner available. This is the latest in foot analysis technology, allowing us to look at your foot position, balance and stability when you are standing, walking or running.

Essentially, it allows us to scientifically and accurately make an assessment of your function and posture.  It means that, as podiatrists, we can provide you with even better recommendations for treatment options, or to improve your day-to-day lifestyle or if you’re the sporty type, better performance or helping you minimiseor recover from injuries. The Body-tech treadmill can be used in our specialised bio-mechanical consultations and as part of our Perth custom orthotic prescriptions.

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