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Preventing Falls

Falls can occur anywhere and anytime but as you grow older you are more risk of falling down during day to day activities and are likely to injure yourself. There are number of reasons for falls in elderly patient’s. As you grow older your vision becomes impaired, your muscles can become weaker and joints stiffer, which can all lead to the risk of falling. Falls can also be a sign of side effects from medications, balance problems and short term illnesses.

If you have had a fall in the past six months you have a higher likelihood of falling again. Moreover, other factors that can increase the risk of falling include: poor footwear, hazards in your home, poor lighting, chronic diseases and sensory and balances issues.

However, there are number things that you can do to help prevent falls. Here are a few tips to reduce the risk of falling.

  • Good diet that provides all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

  • Drink enough water to keep you hydrated

  • Exercise to strengthen muscles and joints

  • Wearing good shoes that are supportive and well fitting.

  • Avoid walking in socks.

  • Wearing well-fitting clothing, especially pants.

  • Decluttering your house to prevent trip hazards (e.g. loose mats, objects in your path).

  • Using aids to walk/installing grab rails in the bathroom.

  • Using ramps and other mobility aids if required.

  • Have good lighting in your house, especially at night time.

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