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Shin Splints

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Shin splints, which are also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is a condition which causes pain along the inside of the Tibia (shin bone) when running or exercising.

The exact cause of shin splints is somewhat of a mystery, but current train of thought is that there is microtrauma between the Tibia and the Tibialis Posterior muscle which causes inflammation.

This is a common complaint in athletes who perform a lot of running and jumping (runner, footballers, volleyballers), and is often a result of overuse, or performing too much activity too quickly (cue Covid-19 and everybody increasing their exercising volume). It can also be due to incorrect, or worn out footwear, altered biomechanics or lack of strength in the lower limbs.

Shin splints are usually easy to treat in the early stages. However, if left untreated for too long can develop into serious stress fractures along the Tibia.

To treat shin splints, it takes a multi-directional approach. A combination of modifying exercise load, strength training, reducing inflammation and offloading the sore areas will help treat, and prevent return of symptoms.

Your podiatrist may recommend Laser Therapy which can help reduce inflammation and targets any trigger points found along the calf muscles, orthotics and strapping to help offload and support the inside aspect of the shins, as well as an appointment with an exercise physiologist for a review of your current exercise regime.

If you are suffering with shin splits, please make an appointment with one of FALL's podiatrists. They will assist in making a custom, effective treatment plan to help you become pain free and get back on your feet.

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