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Should I treat my ingrown nail permanently?

It is not normal to have a painful nail every time it grows out. Would you be happy if your hair is painful whenever it reaches a certain point?

In our experience, once a nail becomes ingrown, it will (almost) always keep being an ingrown nail, unless it is operated on, or you continuously have maintenance treatment on it!

Treating ingrown nails permanently can be done quickly, safely and comfortably.

We offer all sorts of ingrown nail solutions: wedge resection, boney exostectomy, phenolisation, partial nail avulsion, and so on. We assess you and your nail as a whole entity, and we take into account your personal needs. We also offer sedation, treatments under general anesthesia and bone surgery if this is what needs to be performed to permanently get rid of this problem.

The question you need to ask yourself is: do I have the energy and the skills to continue dealing with my ingrown nail all my life, or shall I just get it fixed once and for all?

If you decide that you want it fixed, then we will be more than happy to fix it for you!

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