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Swift Wart Therapy: Now Available At FALL

We have a new treatment available for warts at FALL! SWIFT uses microwave technology that is highly effective at resolving warts (also known as verrucae).

What are Warts?

Warts are a common contagious infection in the outer layers of the skin, which are caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

They can spread to other parts of the body and from person to person.

Traditionally warts are difficult to treat, which is why there are so many treatments available. This is because warts are good at evading the body's immune system.

How does it work?

SWIFT uses a focussed microwave signal which penetrates the skin to a predetermined depth so that only the wart is treated. A process called heat shock occurs within the infected skin cells. This allows the immune system to recognise the infection and to fight the virus.

Benefits of SWIFT

  • Rapid treatment time

  • No dressings required

  • No need for self-care in between visits

  • Pain relief after treatment

  • Few treatments needed

  • Highly effective

Will I feel anything?

The rapid heating of the wart to 42-45 degrees can cause discomfort. However, this only lasts for about a second. This temperature is only a few degrees warmer than a hot bath and so does not cause burning or scarring.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends upon how you respond to treatment. Most patients require 3 treatments or less. We will discuss your individual treatment plan with you during your first consultation.

Who can receive this treatment?

It is safe for almost everyone can have this treatment. Your podiatrist will assess your eligibility prior to treatment, and advise you on this.

Are microwaves safe?

Microwaves are an example of non-ionising radiation so they don't damage DNA like nuclear radiation does. The microwaves generate heat within tissue by vibrating water molecules in the tissue. For this reason they are safe to use for treatments of this type.

More information

For more information on SWIFT therapy, including videos, see the following web site:

Any other questions? Ask us! Call on 08 9316 3010 or email at

See this video about SWIFT therapy

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