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Trauma Case

Updated: Jul 25, 2019


The case histories and outcomes presented here are for general information only and do not replace the advice of a health professional. You should always consult a health professional who can take your own particular circumstances into account and advise you on that basis.


A 63-year-old gentleman was previously involved in a motorcycle accident, which caused major trauma to his right foot and leg. He presented to us with pressure under his right 2nd toe, which was “hanging down”, causing him to trip often. He also reported problems with his right 1st toe “sticking up”, and catching on shoes. This also caused pressure on the toe and deformed his 1st toenail. This combination of issues with both his 1st and 2nd toes caused great difficulty in fitting footwear.


On examination, there was evidence of extensive previous trauma to his right lower leg. His right 1st toe was hyperextended (sticking upwards), and his right 2nd toe had a claw toe deformity (curling downwards), possibly due to tendon damage.


Tendon damage following a traumatic motorcycle accident, causing his right 1st and 2nd toes to be out of alignment.


He opted to proceed with a surgical correction of his right 1st and 2nd toes. This involved an osteotomy of his 1st toe with an internal k-wire fixation. His right 2nd toe was fused and stabilised against the 3rd toe.


8 months post-operatively, he is very pleased with the outcome of his surgery. He reported that he is ‘very happy with it’ and ‘it’s much easier to get shoes on’. Has returned to walking every day for an hour in normal footwear without any issues.

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