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What Is a Gait and Pressure Analysis Treadmill?

The Body-Tech Gait and Pressure Analysis Treadmill: A Better Method for Foot Health

We are very excited to announce that we are the first clinic in Western Australia to have a Body-Tech gait and pressure analysis treadmill! (as of July 2016)

What Is a Gait and Pressure Analysis Treadmill

What Is a Gait And Pressure Analysis Treadmill?

This is the latest in foot analysis technology, allowing us to look at your foot position, balance and stability when you are standing, walking or running. Essentially, it allows us to scientifically and accurately make an assessment of your posture. It means that, as podiatrists, we can provide you with even better recommendations for treatment options, or to improve your day-to-day lifestyle or if you’re the sporty type, better performance or helping you minimise or recover from injuries.

Who Can it Help?

The treadmill is suitable for all ages and all walking/running abilities. But the people who will get the most benefit from it are:

  • Those who suffer from foot, ankle, leg and back pain

  • Athletes looking to improve their running techniqueThose who feel unstable when they walk

  • People recovering and rehabilitating after injury or surgery

Using this technology, we are able to easily evaluate your:

  • Posture & balance – focusing on the ankles, knees, hips and back

  • Pressure under your feet in all phases of gait and running

  • Gait – video analysis of your movement and posture

  • Foot roll – assessing if your feet roll inwards or outwards

  • Need for prescription orthotics

What Is a Gait And Pressure Analysis Treadmill

Overview of How it Works

The machine gives us a lot of information about your gait, posture and balance. With pressure analysis, we look at pressure and variations in the amount and distribution of pressure through the bottom of your feet as you walk or run. This can indicate faulty biomechanics which can lead to injury, or areas of overloading which might lead to pain, corns and callouses. The video analysis allows our podiatrists to capture how your foot moves and functions when walking or running. We can even compare how your biomechanics change when wearing different footwear. This video assessment can be repeated to document your progress when recovering from an injury or foot surgery. (After all, you can’t improve what you can’t measure!).

What Is a Gait And Pressure Analysis Treadmill

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Research tells us that, every year, at least one in three people over the age of 65 has a fall. And the number of sporting injuries that could have been easily prevented is countless. Every step you take requires your foot and ankle to adjust to the ground and any changes in terrain. The body – tech will allow us to assess your balance, and by strengthening and stretching your muscles, we can monitor your improvement. An assessment of your balance and stability can save you from long-term injuries caused by falls or sporting incidents. Make an appointment today with The Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic and prevent injuries and improve your lifestyle. Our new Body-tech treadmill will be used in our specialised bio-mechanical consultations and as part of our custom orthotic prescriptions. We want to see the sparkle in your eyes and the swing in your gait!

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