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What to Do If You Have Suffered a Sporting Injury

What to Do If You Have Suffered a Sporting Injury

Types of Foot Sporting Injuries and How We Can Help You Recover From Them

Sporting injury is a blanket term for anything concerning injuries that are experienced during or after playing any sport or exercise. They can occur at any time, whether running a marathon, playing a round of tennis, or even doing yoga. These injuries can happen because of an accident but more often than not, because of poor form, wrong equipment, overextending the body, and performing without warming up or conditioning the body for exercise. In other words, a huge percentage of being able to prevent a sporting injury is well within the control of the athlete or any person leading an active lifestyle.

What Are the Signs of an Injured Toe, Foot or Ankle?

  • Bruising, tenderness, swelling, or inflammation in the affected area

  • Arch or heel painIngrown, discolored, or crumbling toenails

  • Calluses and bunionsItching, stinging, or burning sensations on the soles of the feet or between the toes

  • Lower back pain

  • Shin, knee, and hip pain

  • Mild to severe foot/ankle painInstability and difficulty moving your foot or ankle

  • You heard a popping sound in the affected area during the injury

Sporting Injury

What We Can Do to Help With Your Sporting Injuries

No matter the sport, we can all agree on one thing: almost all of it involves our feet. This is why when it comes to an active lifestyle, whether you’re an athlete or a person committed to doing regular exercise, podiatrists play a big role in maintaining your performance and preventing sporting injuries.

Here are ways we can help you:

Diagnose and Treat Existing Symptoms and Problems

An injury is not always a cataclysmic event that instantaneously happens. More often, injuries can be traced from a simple problem such as a bunion or an ingrown toenail, which forces the body to compensate to mask the pain. We conduct a complete physical examination and interview our patient to identify possible injuries and to also check for certain conditions that may increase your risk for injuries. As part of this process, we may use our new Body-Tech machine, which uses a combination of a treadmill, pressure sensors, and slow motion video to analyse the way you walk or run, your stability and your posture. We then recommend the best treatment options based on the findings. Some treatment options include anti-inflammatory treatments, massages, physical therapy, orthotics, and recommending appropriate footwear and exercises to promote recovery and prevent future injuries. We also use a Thor Medical Laser to help treat injuries and speed up recovery and rehabilitation.

Sports injuries

We Go Beyond the Feet

Contrary to popular belief, podiatrists don’t just assess your feet. We understand the correlation between the body’s posture and alignment and the direct effect of these to one’s feet. Anything that’s not right on the body impacts the feet and vice versa. For example, we study how a runner’s form and how this impacts the feet. A wrong landing of the foot can lead to serious problems such as sprains. We evaluate such conditions and help you achieve the proper posture and alignment to prevent pain and injuries.

We Provide Preventive Maintenance

Aside from treating sports injuries, we help prevent future injuries and maximise performance by correcting existing problems and educating patients on the best exercises, therapies, and footwear for their activities.

Don’t Hesitate to Get in Touch and Find Relief

Think you may have sporting injuries or are prone to sustaining one? Schedule an appointment with us to get proper evaluation and care. Contact us today on (08) 9316 3010 for more information.

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