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Why did we rebrand?

We have changed our name! The Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic is now Foot Ankle Lower Limb. We became The Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic 23 years ago, and the business has been in operation for over 38 years!

We’re still the same business, owned and run by the same people, and that is not going to change any time soon. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest scientific evidence and treatments and have an ongoing commitment to moving forward with the times and toward the future. In short, we have just expanded our focus a bit.

So why did we rebrand? Well, we have been working with feet for a very long time, but more and more, we have been seeing that the whole lower limb is part of the picture. Also, we don’t just treat feet: people come to us with ankle, knee, hip, and postural problems too, so we outgrew the name “Foot & Ankle”.

We find that focusing on the patient as a whole—not just the problem they come in with—provides the best outcomes. We are still podiatrists, but we also offer exercise physiology and partner with others for a total treatment offering. We needed a new name to reflect our NEW focus, hence Foot Ankle Lower Limb. Our new name says it all!

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