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All the fine print you need to know.


  1. Our practice is busy and missed or late attendance at appointments may inconvenience others who wish to attend. If you attend your appointment late, we may have to reschedule it so as not to inconvenience others.

  2. We reserve the right to charge for any appointment cancelled after 5pm on the day prior to the appointment.

  3. In cases where a patient has a history of missing previous appointments, we reserve the right to charge in advance for future appointments at the time of booking.

  4. By attending this practice for professional services, you assume the financial responsibility for any charges incurred, even if another party (e.g. insurer, family member) has indicated that they will pay for it.

Clinical Risk

  1. We have a duty of care to all staff and patients who attend this practice.

  2. We follow standard clinical risk management practices in order to mitigate infection and other risks to those who attend our practice.

  3. It is a condition of entry to this practice that you follow any applicable infection control procedures in place.


  1. Our practice is a safe, respectful, courteous environment.

  2. We have a zero tolerance to rude, abusive or aggressive behaviour.

  3. Anybody who exhibits such behaviour will be asked to leave the practice immediately. Failure to do so will result in the police being notified.

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