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When Should I Update My Orthotics?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019


Have you got a pair of custom foot orthotics? Do you think they may need updating? Here are 3 tips to help you decide:

  • If you have started to develop pains, either new or recurring, then this is the most important sign that your custom orthotics may no longer be providing the correct support and offloading they were provided for.

  • Are you thinking of getting the sticky tape out? If your orthotics are looking worn out (holes, cracking, peeling, excessively bending), the chances are you may need a new pair - or you may need to get the existing pair refurbished. If it hasn’t been a long time since your original pair and your feet haven’t changed, getting a new pair may be even easier than the first time. Your podiatrist will discuss this with you further.

  • Have you feet changed so that your orthotics do not fit as well as they used to? Our feet can change without any significant signs or symptoms. This is most common in children as their feet grow rapidly. However joint degeneration, trauma and pregnancy can also cause changes in foot size and function.

We recommend seeing your podiatrist once every 12 months for a general foot check up. So if it has been while since you last had your feet assessed, consider popping in.

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