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Introducing New Nail Technology at FALL

Here at FALL we always strive to be ahead of the podiatry game. For us, it is important to always have the best and most up to date information and technology so that we can help you reach great foot health outcomes.

Recently, we have just introduced two new nail technologies, Keryflex and Onyfix.

Kerryflex is a fabulous solution for unappealing or disfigured nails, it is an immediate and effective solution as it acts like a false nail.

Below is a before and after - Looks great, right!

The other exciting technology is Onyfix. This is a nail correction system aimed at reshaping nails to help resolve ingrowing or involuted toenails. Over a 6 month period, the composite nail brace will will assist with reshaping and promoting natural nail growth over time.

Onyfix provides a great alternative for those who do not like needles, or do not wish to have nail surgery.

Visit these links for further information on Keryflex and Onyfix.

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