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Unstable Ankles? We can help!

Do you have ankle problems? Some people have naturally less stable ankles because of their flexibility or foot type. Others have a history of ankle sprains. And some people end up with permanent injury to their ankle ligaments and nerves in the ankle which help with balance.

Ankle sprains are the number one sporting injury worldwide. They can also occur at work or with daily activity. The more frequently you sprain your ankle, the more likelihood of getting more damage with each injury. Some people need surgery to fix this once the ankle becomes very unstable. Unstable, injured ankles will often lead to ankle joint arthritis in later life, which can be very disabling.

Introducing the EXO-L Ankle Brace

EXO-L Ankle Brace
EXO-L Ankle Brace

The EXO-L Ankle Brace offers the best protection against ankle sprains with the highest comfort because it is custom designed and fitted to your ankle.

Restriction of sprain motion

The EXO-L Ankle Brace effectively restricts the motion which can cause an ankle sprain. It is based on your own anatomy, and protects the most commonly injured ankle ligaments; the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and the calcaneofibular ligament (CFL). The amount of restriction is adjustable to give you precisely the level of restriction you need.

Importantly, the protective restriction of movement does not restrict any other movement in the foot and ankle. This, combined with the custom fit, allows for comfort and flexibility for even the most demanding sports and training regimes.

How we work with the EXO-L

At your initial consultation we will assess you and advise whether the EXO-L will be suitable for you. We will also do a thorough analysis of your gait, posture and balance.

The next step is to do a 3D scan of your leg and foot, which is used to manufacture an EXO-L which perfectly fits your ankle. There is also a small adjustment required to the shoes that you will wear with the EXO-L and we can arrange this for you too.

Frequently we will recommend other treatments as an adjunct, such as foot orthotics and exercise physiology/rehabilitation.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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