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Winter Foot Care Tips

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Winter Foot Care Tips

During these cold, wet and chilly months our feet take quite a thrashing, with cold weather, dampness and being in shoes all the time. We often forget about our feet during winter but it is important to take precautions to make sure that your feet stay healthy in preparation for their summer time exposure.

Here are 7 tips to keep your feet healthy during this winter season!

  • The first and most important tip would be to keep your feet clean and dry. The wet and cold environment is a breeding ground for fungal infections and our enclosed footwear can occasionally harbour fungal spores, therefore it is important to maintain a clean environment.

  • Wear breathable cotton or wool socks so that your feet are warm but also don’t sweat at the same time, which maintains a clean, healthy environment.

  • Let your nails breath! This is a hard one for those of us who love to have vibrant colourful nails. But did you know that the chemicals in nail polish can be harmful to your nail plate, causing yellow discolouration; the nail polish remover itself, also induces nail dryness. Instead opt to apply tea tree oil to your nails during winter to prevent nail fungus and strengthen the nail plate. Letting your nails breath allows the creams and lotions you apply to penetrate better, promoting nail health just in time for the summer months for your nails to accessories your favourite sandals.

  • Dry your shoes in the sun and spray your shoes with tea-tree spray.

  • Wear supportive footwear when walking. Boots are the ideal shoes for winter as they have many of the supportive features, are fully enclosed and prevent your feet and socks getting wear in the rain.

  • Damp socks and heaters can sometimes lead to cracked skin especially around your heels that are prone to get infected. It is important that you use a pumice stone to reduce the hard cracks or see your Podiatrist for professional treatment, especially if they are sore or unmanageable.

  • Use a hydrating cream on your feet regularly.

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